An Ethnic Chongwe River House

Great etnic bathroom with african features
Wood placed as a shelf
Thatched roof and traditional wall decorate the room
A cozy livingroom with warm lighting and comfortable sofas
Traditional thatched roof as the focal point of this  bedroom
Innovative and warm lighting for the bedroom

Exoticism of Africa is never ending beauty. Its uniqueness brings us the the different world and ambience where you can merge into the nature, trees, water, and dryness. We all know that african house is definetely ethnic and traditional, the form and the shape is special and exclusive that we can n...

  Casa Veintiuno The Incredible Vintage Residence Ever

the application of fiber ceiling to make the sun light enter well to the indoor garden of Casa Veintiuno
the appearance of the Casa Veintiuno in the night with beautiful lights
the wide space concept of the Casa Veintiuno in the living room creating cozy atmosphere
applies the brave red touch on the bathroom making the appearance of the house look brighter
minimalist design with no wall decor giving elegant look of the Casa Veintiuno in the living space
the illuminate light decorating the appearance of the garden

It will be absolutely true that most people in this world must be impressed with the incredible vintage residence like Casa Vintiuno with incredible indoor garden with illuminate light. The elegant residence located in Guadalajara, Mexico was completed in 2012 with modern and luxurious design. The e...

  A Luxurious And Elegant Home With A 16-Car Garage

designing of bedroom with white and cream colors but it is not forget to add a little red color in this room
elegant room with grey sofa and wooden table completed with the combination of red pillows
interesting kitchen with red cabinet and countertop
placing a mirror on the wall in designing a bathroom
cozy and comfortable room as a place to go sport completed with the tools
a design of room with the large and open room with colorful items

Hello everyone? Do you feel confused to park your many collections of car? Well, it’s right, if you have more than one car, you have to have more space in building a home so you have enough space to make your garage so that it loads your many cars.Now, the thing you must think carefully is thinkin...

  Modern Nuance Of Algarve Villa By Staffan Tollgard Design Group

white bathtub in the minimalist bathroom looks so elegant
unique round carpet under the round glass table
designing a bedroom with grey bed and cream and brown paint of wall
minimlaist design of bathroom with glass window
beautiful accessory on the wall with using combination of colors
three white lamps above the dining table

Hello everyone! Do you have a plan to build a home? Are looking for some interesting ideas to design your new home to become a beautiful and interesting place so you will feel comfortable? If you are, this place is suitable one to get what you want. It is because in my blog, in this time I will disc...

  Piso Heraklith By Castroferro Arquitectos

simple wooden dining table set with stone border encircling the kitchen
solid stone ceiling and wall gives you the firm sense when you pass through
horizontal simple and relazing home design with wood and stone combined together
a unique wooden staircase with stone ceiling on top

Another design of the interior design that you could use. There are a lot of materials that are used to built houses. Each of the material such as stone, brick, and woods have their own glorious time when everyone use them as the main composition of the wall in their houses. The modern home designer...

  The Innovative Hanging Furniture In Moscow Apartment

the modern style furniture uses less border and only pure white
simple yet comfortable bedroom ready to give you a good night sleep
the magic of optical illusion creates hanging vanity set in the bathroom
the small unique wall mounted toilet completes the hanging magic
unique twisting wooden chair will acompany your kids’ study every night
more color could be added in your small yet cheerful chilren bedroom with the same white theme

Pure white appartment to keep your living intact. There is this trend of getting all of the designs as simplicity as you could. We all know that whenever you are looking for a home as your headquarter, you would want to have a comortable home. But you would not want your home to be something that is...

  Marvelous Desert Residence In California

amazing house shows at evening with beautiful yellow flowers
wonderful big dining room be one with the kitchen decorating with unique countertop and sparkling ceiling
beautiful desert house shows from outside with many desert’s flowers and plants surrounding the building
amazing living room inside the desert house with classic sofa and freshing with some plants
nice interior room with sparkling long black table with wonderful plants on it
beautiful simple bedroom with attractive long brown racks with compatible white bed brighting with the great ceiling

Do you ever dreams building a house in the desert? May be you think that it’s the impossible one. Come on, a desert house is not only in your head but it’s a real. A house is a place that we spend almost our time. So, having a nice one is something important. In the house, you may relax ...

  L-shaped Of Estar House Design By REC Arquitectura

using grey color that is suitable with wall floor and roof
outdoor concept of living room with large space with many sofa
using cream color for wall roof and floor with glass windows
dining table complete with wooden chairs facing the outdoor
some pictures on the wall as the accessories completed with beautiful plants
using wooden floor in the room with glass transparent barrier

Today I come back with the interesting topic that is about Estar House design. This design was made by REC Arquitectura. This design was complted in 2012. It has the L-shaped and includes a contemporary home features.This design concerns about the existing of the beautiful landscape surrounding the ...

  Beautiful White Color In Mintz Residence By Robert Maschke Architects

clean kitchen with white colors for cabinet and countertop also wall
decorating pictures on the wall loooking interesting room
white wall with glass wall and glass door
white wall with grey sofa completed with wooden floor in designing room

Hello every one? How are you today? I will hope you are always healthy so you are able to do many activities happily. It includes if you are looking for some inspirations to design a home, you can do it happily too. First, I say thanks to you who have read my article in this time. Well, now I am goi...

  Modern House Design With Closeness To The Nature

green living plants to give a natural touch to the modern kitchen
stunning kitchen interior design dominated with dark wooden cabinetary and furniture
relaxing area includes a living room located just by the swimming pool separated with transparent glass panels
the facade of the tree house displaying a stunning architecture with shady oak trees
a cozy living room featuring greay colored sofas combined with light blue seats that gives contrast accent
a cozy living room with a great background of tree branches viewed from the wide glass windows

Located in Austin, Texas, USA the tree house is designed by Miro Rivera Architects. The work is named tree house because of its characteristic that emanates elegance with open spaces and rich f wooden surface. The environment plays the role as well since the building is surrounded with bog oak trees...

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